Final report released for October murder-suicide

BRADENTON BEACH – The Bradenton Beach Police Department has released the final findings on the murder-suicide that occurred in the upper level of a triplex at 2514 Ave. C in October.

Det. Sgt. Lenard Diaz released those final findings on Friday afternoon. According to the 17-page report, the medical examiner’s autopsy determined 37-year-old Sabrina Dumdei’s cause of death was “incised wounds of the neck” and her manner of death was “Homicide – Cut by other person with box cutter.”

The medical examiner’s findings note Dumdei’s fatal injuries included stab wounds and incised wounds to the head, neck, throat, torso, cervical vertebrae, extremities and muscles, and abrasions and contusions of the skin.

“The toxicology reports stated that Dumdei was positive for Ethanol in blood 0.32 G/DL (blood alcohol concentration) and urine 0.37 G/DL,” according to Diaz’s summary report of the medical examiner’s findings.

According to the report, the cause of death for Zachary Winton, 34, was “incised wounds of the neck and upper extremity” and the manner of death was “Suicide – Cut self with box cutter.”

The medical examiner determined Winton had incised wounds of the neck and upper extremity, superficial incised wounds of the torso, blunt impact injuries that included subgaleal hemorrhage and also abrasions and lacerations of the skin.

“The toxicology report stated that Winton was positive for Ethanol in blood 0.24 G/DL (blood alcohol concentration) and urine 0.31 G/DL,” according to Diaz’s report.

The summary of the medical examiner’s findings states the Bradenton Beach Police Department had previously responded to domestic incidents involving Dumdei and Winton at that address.

“It was a known fact that Dumdei and Winton had been arguing with each other the whole week leading up to their deaths,” Diaz stated in his final report.

“During this investigation, several interviews were conducted, evidence was collected, crime scene techs responded and processed the scene along with medical examiner investigators and the medical examiner herself. I also invited the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Task Force, which I am a part of, to come to the scene for an extra set of eyes a few days after,” Diaz stated in his report.

“At this time, this case is closed as a murder/suicide. If any further information arises, a supplement will be done to this case,” Diaz’s report says in closing.

Incident narrative

The final report Diaz released Friday includes the incident narrative he included in his original offense report dated Oct. 17.

According to that narrative, Diaz and Lt. John Cosby were dispatched to 2514 Ave. C on Saturday, Oct. 17, and advised that two dead people had been discovered by the victim’s father, Keith Dumdei.

“The father stated that he observed his daughter through the glass windows on the door, laying on the living room floor in a pool of blood. Keith advised that he had made entry by punching one of the small glass windows on the door,” the report states, noting the door was locked at the time.

According to the report narrative, Diaz and Cosby then entered the home and observed a female lying on the floor, covered with blood and laying in a pool of blood.

“We also noticed blood everywhere,” Diaz stated in his report, noting that Cosby then walked further into the house and discovered Winton’s body in the bedroom, on the bed.

Final report released for October murder-suicide
Sabrina Dumdei and Zachary Winton were found dead inside this Bradenton Beach triplex in October. Photo: Joe Hendricks

The narrative states, “The Dumdei family advised that they had received information from Winton’s sister, Wendy, through Facebook Messenger that Wendy had not been able to reach her brother or Sabrina all day. One of the Dumdei sisters called their dad, Keith. Keith stated that he was already heading toward the beach, so he could go to the house and check on them. Upon pulling into the driveway, they found Sabrina’s little dog outside. They knew something was wrong. The family stated the dog never left Sabrina’s side. That was when Keith went upstairs,” Diaz stated in his narrative.

“We were able to identify both suspects due to being at the residence in the past for a disturbance and prior domestic violence arrest, and by the family identification,” the narrative notes.

Final report released for October murder-suicide
In the days that followed, these items placed outside the triplex served as a memorial for Sabrina Dumdei. Photo: Joe Hendricks

Diaz’s narrative states he spoke with a man who had been vacationing with his family in a rented home at 2517 Ave. C since Sunday, Oct. 11. The man told Diaz the couple at 2514 Ave. C argued numerous times that week, including while walking down the road. The man told Diaz at one point he heard the couple arguing while walking and “The male yelled that he was going to kill her.”

Diaz spoke with another female who was living nearby and saw the couple walking and arguing during the middle of that week. Diaz also spoke with neighbors and visitors who heard no disturbances.

According to Diaz’s narrative.  Winton’s sister, Wendy, woke up that Saturday morning and noticed she had missed three calls from her brother, Zachary. Those missed calls were made at approximately 7, 8 and 9 p.m. Friday evening.

“According to Wendy, the last call to her from Zachary’s phone was a message. The message was a voice message of Sabrina yelling at Zachary that he was the one that was going to have to leave. Wendy advised that after hearing that last missed call, she tried contacting Zachary and Sabrina but could not reach either of them. Wendy stated that she then messengered Sabrina’s sisters on Facebook and asked if they could go by and check on Sabrina and Zachary,” Diaz stated in his narrative.

Previous death threat

According to court records, Winton was arrested by the Bradenton Beach Police Department on Aug. 31 on alleged charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, tampering with a witness, false imprisonment and domestic battery.

The victim’s name and the address were redacted in the probable cause affidavit prepared then by officer Steve Masi, but after the suspected murder-suicide occurred Diaz confirmed Dumdei was the victim in the August incident that occurred at the same Avenue C address.

According to the probable cause affidavit Masi filed, “Defendant and victim had been arguing for the last two days. Victim stated Winston refused to let her leave the house, or his sight, by threats of violence. Defendant then grabbed her by the face and held a razor knife to her neck and said, ‘Leave and see what happens.’ Victim had a well-founded fear that Winton had the ability to carry out such a threat and that it would take place. Victim finally got away and made the call to 911 dispatch but had to hang up in the middle of the call, as defendant had found her and once again put her in fear of violence.”

“Upon my arrival, defendant was yelling and walking at victim with a large kitchen knife I observed in his right back pocket. Defendant was issued verbal commands at taser point to back away from the victim. He then complied and was detained. While detained in the police department, Winton made numerous threatening remarks about what he was going to do to victim when he gets out, such as ‘If I get charged with felonies, I’ll kill her then myself. I will cut her throat,’” according to the probable cause affidavit.

According to court records, Winton’s attorney, Jacob Grollman, filed a motion on Sept. 9 seeking to allow Winton consensual contact with Dumdei. On Sept. 15, the no contact order was lifted and the status of Winton’s criminal case was still pending at the time of their deaths.

In November, the triplex was demolished by the new owners who purchased the property shortly before the fatal incident occurred.

Final report released for October murder-suicide
The Avenue C triplex was demolished in November. Photo: Joe Hendricks